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               Premiere Art online blog

               Extension artists to exhibit at Cultivate

               February 10th 2012




               Who's Jack online magazine

               Stable States

               February 8th 2012





              ArtRabbit online arts community

              Arts Events

              December 10th 2011




               Don't Panic online magazine

               Arts Events London

               November 23rd 2011




              craft & design magazine 

              Graduate Showcase

              Issue 213 January/ February 2011




              Lancia Trendvisions online magazine          

              Designer Wefts

              October 22nd 2010




              Complexd Magazine

              Resourceful Women- The Artist

              Issue 03 October 2010



                  Icon Magazine       

                 Upcoming Designer bulletin

              Issue 087 September 2010



              Icon Magazine             

              Grand Design Arcarde review                  

              Issue 085 July 2010