Working in the field of conceptual textiles, Elaine Johnson uses traditional processes to create non traditional pieces which challenge the boundaries of textile based craft, sculpture and drawing.

Her use of material such as reclaimed fabrics, human hair, obscure objects and the simple thread informs the evolving theme of structure and surface within her work. References to memory, the body and the history of the textile industry are reminiscent and are represented through the detailed, labour intensive and often obsessive working process.

A fascination for the site specific and how we as an audience perceive space inspires both the choice of material and how the work is displayed. Elaine's work encompasses spaces, materials from the past and techniques associated with her craft, like embroidery and weaving. Her work suggests a certain atmosphere and its potential to alter the dynamic of a space stimulates familiarity and interaction within the mind of the viewer.

Experimental drawing plays an important role, paralleling the sculptural aspect of her practice. Elaine challenges the concept of the drawn line- instead using thread, negative space and sculptural materials such as metal and tubing to make marks, both on the page and on structured surfaces.


Art Education

2006-2009  First Class Honours BA Contemporary Applied Arts, University of Hertfordshire

2005-2006  Foundation in Art and Design, University of Hertfordshire